August 28, 2019

guests and a few recipes to make

Super Bowl PartyCheap Jerseys china With the Super Bowl just 10 days away, it's time to decide whether you want to go to a big game party or throw one yourself!With that in wholesale nfl jerseys mind, Norman King, assistant editor of Southern Living magazine, shared a list of "do's" and "don'ts" for hosts and guests and a few recipes to make your Super Bowl party a great one. Cheap Jerseys chinaCheap Jerseys china Full cheap jerseys Coverage of the Super Bowl cheap jerseys Cheap Jerseys chinaCheap Jerseys free shipping Remember that greeting your guests is important, so make sure you have enough hangers to take their coats, and that the bedroom is clean if you want them to store their coats there. Cheap Jerseys free shippingCheap Jerseys from china Also, is your party going to be a one team party? Or are you an equal opportunity party for both sets of fans? You want to avoid a house divided, so make sure everyone has a great view and no one feels left out. And make sure that teams mingle. Cheap Jerseys from chinaDO Adjust your TV before your guests arrive. Make sure the colors are cheap jerseys at their optimum and that the team colors really shine. Make sure, if you have it, that the HD channel for the game is cued up, and if you have a format you want them to watch on, say letterbox or widescreen, make sure you are already good to go.DO DVR the game. You can't rely on the announcers to cue up all of the replays you are going to want to watch. So if there is a flag on the play and you want to rewatch the moment, you can. Have a Super Bowl ad that has left you speechless? Rewind it.Cheap Jerseys free shipping DON'T Leave valuables and furniture around the living or TV room where you are going to be watching. You want people to feel comfortable jumping around, and making noise. That means that obstacles have to be removed from the couch to the television. And if people are going to be making a fuss, you probably want to put away those valuable family heirlooms that might be important. Cheap Jerseys free shippingwholesale nfl jerseys DO Decorate and have a buffet. If you have fans from both teams, food from both areas are a cheap jerseys must. We have a gumbo and red beans and rice recipes (below) in honor of New Orleans and a fantastic tenderloin slider recipe for those Indiana fans (also below). For both teams dips we have a blue cheese and ranch dressing that can't be beat. The recipes are cost effective, and serve a big crowd easily. If you have a coffee table that will accommodate the food and buffet, great. If not, set a table aside somewhere that is near a wall with an electrical outlet, so no one cheap jerseys trips over wires throughout the game. wholesale nfl jerseyswholesale nfl jerseys Also, decorating for a Super Bowl can be very low maintenance so have fun with it! Get some Colts and Saints flags, helmets, bobble headed dolls, jerseys, footballs. Break out that silly sombrero chip and dip bowl, paper napkins in team colors. However you want to focus your decoration, make it fun, go crazy and make it football. wholesale nfl jerseysCheap Jerseys from china DO Have EVERY guest turn their keys over to cheap jerseys a big bowl as they walk in. That way everyone's keys are in one place in case one car is blocking another and someone has to leave early. It also allows you to keep an eye on who has over indulged as the guests leave. Know who is sober at your party, that way you can use them to give rides. Also have a cab phone number at the ready in wholesale nfl jerseys case you have a tipsy friend who can't get a ride. Cheap Jerseys from chinawholesale nfl jerseys AS A GUEST wholesale nfl jerseysDO Call the host to see if they need anything. Extra beer or wine? A platter of hoagies? Whatever they need will make a good host gift and it will make you look like a thoughtful guest. Throwing parties can be a pain, offer to help set up, or get their early to plate food.Cheap Jerseys china DON'T TOUCH THE REMOTE. PERIOD. It is NOT your TV. People want to rewatch the plays and check out the commercials that will be water cooler fodder tomorrow at the office. So no touching the remote. Unless you want other guests or the host to hurt you. Cheap Jerseys chinaDO Know which team you are going to root for. Is it a cheap nfl jerseys one team house? Are they New Orleans through and through or die hard Colts fans? Or are there going to be both? If you are feeling a little ignorant as to both teams, take a moment to check out the team's website for tidbits of information. For instance, The New Orleans Saints have NEVER been to a Super Bowl before. Their quarterback is named Drew Brees. The Indianapolis Colts went to the Superbowl last year and lost.

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